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China's carrier-borne jet pilots receive certification
2013-07-04   审核人:
J-15, China's first-generation multi-purpose carrier-borne fighter jet (People's Daily/Li Tang)

BEIJING , July 3 ( Xinhua ) -- China ' s first group of five pilots and landing signal officers received their certifications in the latest sea trials of the Liaoning , the country ' s first aircraft carrier .

The Liaoning finished its 25 -day test and training mission on Wednesday and returned to a navy port in the east China city of Qingdao . During the training , pilots executed several continuous take-off and landing exercises , making China one of the few countries in the world that can train its own carrier-borne jet pilots .

Using the J- 15, China ' s first-generation multi-purpose carrier-borne fighter jet , pilots finished China ' s first training mission stationed aboard the carrier as well as the first 105 -meter short-distance ski-jump takeoff exercises , an important breakthrough in the sea trials .

Pilots and landing signal officers were tested on a range of skills . They passed the certification process following expert reviews and a flight data assessment .

The People ' s Liberation Army ( PLA ) Navy also performed exercises related to the carrier ' s operations , system guarantees and logistics . Based on the smooth operation of staff , jet fighters and the carrier , as well as the sound cooperation between fighters and the carrier , the Liaoning is now considered capable of carrying carrier-borne jet fighters .

Zhang Yongyi , deputy commander of the PLA Navy and commander-in-chief of the aircraft carrier tests and sea trials , said these results show that China has fully mastered the skills needed for taking off from , and landing on , the aircraft carrier and that it has successfully established a training system for carrier-borne jet pilots .

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