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New book explains Chinese dream
2013-09-25   审核人:
The Chinese Dream is a valuable resource for readers to gain a better understanding of modern China and its people. (China Daily)

President Xi Jinping has said that realizing the great renewal of the nation is a long-cherished dream of Chinese in modern times . Now , a new book , The Chinese Dream , launched by New World Press , will explain the dream in detail .

The book , published in Chinese with an English edition coming soon , aims to explore what a Chinese Dream means for China and the rest of the world .

A team of top international communication experts offers readers some lucid responses to questions such as : What is the Chinese Dream ? What is the difference between the Chinese and American Dream ? And how long will it take for the Chinese people to make their dreams come true ?

The book offers vivid and dynamic first-person accounts as explanations of the meaning of the Chinese Dream .

Inspiring people profiled in the book include successful business figures such as Park Keun-tae , president and CEO of South Korea-based CJ Group ' s operations in China , and ordinary people such as Dominic Johnson-Hill , a young man from London known as " Lao Jiang " who runs a small shop in Beijing ' s Nanluogu Hutong .

" Having lived in China for 29 years , I ' ve witnessed the great achievements of China ' s opening-up and reform . I ' ve benefited a lot from it ," said Park at the book launch .

CJ Group employs 12,000 people in China , with a sales volume of 20 billion yuan ($3.27 billion ). In recent years , CJ has also invested in China ' s film and television industry , with successful productions such as movie Separation Contract and the Chinese version of the musical Mama Mia !

" My Chinese Dream is to make the number of CJ ' s Chinese employees surpass 100,000 and the total sales volume surpass that of the Korean headquarters ," Park says .

Tony Lund , Asia-Pacific and Asia Branch director for Cambridge University Press , said at the book launch that the book is a precious and timely resource for readers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of modern Chinese society and people who are going to prepare for a new era of global cooperation .

" The Chinese Dream is subtly different from the American Dream . In both cases , the dream is about the aspirations of prosperity for their citizens , but the Chinese Dream also suggests a vision for China ' s place in an increasingly internationalized world ," Lund says .

" The Chinese Dream describes countless possibilities for shared growth and shared prosperity , on both national and international levels ."

With overseas distribution rights bought by Cengage Learning Asia , the book is expected to make a splash at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October .

(Editor:DuMingming、Wang Jinxue)
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