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International Students Bring New Exciting Theme to New Semester
2015-11-20 (Department of International Exchange &Cooperation  审核人:

In order to strengthen its international relations and make more contribution to the worldwide development of health sciences, Zunyi Medical University has made tremendous endeavors to recruit foreign students to study clinical medicine. With the support from the Department of Education of Guizhou Province and the efforts of all the staff members, the University finally succeeded with the authorized manning quotas for School of International Education and enrolled students coming from Laos and Vietnam. These students were all awarded the scholarship of ZMU which covers the tuition and accommodation. The University also selected excellent partners for each foreign student in advance so as to make them feel at home and help them learn more effectively.

To mark the beginning of the new semester for the international students and this meaningful event for ZMU, a grand opening convocation was held at Xinpu campuson Oct. 15, 2015. Mr. Yang Yong (the Deputy Director-General of the Education Department of Guizhou province), Ms. Zhou Meng (the Vice-Director of the Exit and Entry Administration of Zunyi Public Security Bureau) and Mr. Hu Jing (the Director of Police Station of Xinpu District) were invited to the ceremony. Party Secretary Shi Jingshan, Vice President Li Chunming and Yu Changyin attended the ceremony together with the relevant faculty members in different departments and all the international students. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Yu Changyin.

At the beginning, Party Secretary Shi Jingshan expressed a warm welcome to everyone at the ceremony and reviewed the history and present of ZMU. Then Mr. Yang Yong introduced the world-wide growing trend of internationalization of higher education and the contribution made by universities in Guizhou. He also extended his expectation for international students to have a fruitful life in ZMU. In addition, Vice President Yu Changyin mentioned the profound significance of the enrollment of ASEAN students. At the end of his remarks, he offered practical advice for all the international students and encouraged all the faculty members to work together for better cultivation and standardized management of international students.


Honored guests at the ceremony


Party Secretary Shi Jingshan delivering a welcome speech

3 (1).JPG

Mr. Yang Yong giving remarks


Vice President Li Chunming at the Ceremony


Vice President offering practical advice to students


Mr. Hu Jing introducing public security


Ms. Fu JiaoJiao speaking as a Chinese language teacher


Partners from School of Basic Medical Sciences giving speeches


Partner from School of Foreign Languages giving a speech


Students from Laos speaking


Students from Vietnam speaking at the ceremony


Group photo

(By Chen Wanyu, Liu Chunxia; Photo by Zhai Juhong)

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